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  • But what You will experience on the relevance of the topic for tomorrow, I asked a Chemistry – 2 paragraphs to read and learn them 8 questions in writing and also written test 2 Biology – 1 paragraph vyuziti ending sentences Story 1 paragraph of the 10 pages to learn 10 question in writing and 3 messages Russian language – 1 activity and paragraph Geometry – exercise 2 What do I do
  • I was very tired the relevance of the topic #41338·09-09-2017 at 14:18МСК·ip address recorded· up ↑· write opinion Come at 18:30 (cadetti class) set 6-7 items but since I’m a student leaves an hour and a the same time otdohut before relevance of the topic I Came from school so time was 14:45
  • I did Russian for about 5 minutes (two small rooms), mathematics for 5-10 minutes (room 5, but small repeated (about 5 made, though I have it on Tuesday (over 5 minutes) Biology done in 10 minutes, because there’s little and he’s not on the Geography did 10 minutes, because I read the paragraph quickly and easy, they have to answer orally and zadnici not to was doing more, about 20 spent more than an it’s the Lyceum, of course I may be too much, an hour and a half I could do, but you 100500 rooms ask can’t
  • the relevance of the topic #41290·04-09-2017 at 18:43МСК·ip address recorded· up ↑· write opinion Lol, I Sedna came at 15:45, so went with girlfriends in the asked 4 subjects, and two not for tomorrow, so I made them per hour)0))) And had a course to go, thank God, they didn’t ask, that’s right, learn)0))) #41287·04-09-2017 at 14:44МСК·ip address recorded· up ↑· write opinion my name is Ala
  • I study in the we have 9 lessons From Tuesday through Thursday 7 Friday is either 6 or rk a ally in inglish, algebra, s yet that I don’t know So don’t whine like you are bad in grade worse would be the relevance of the topic Hello
  • I am a heavy sleeper, high school, 6th reading your opinions, I understand that you think that teachers are are really teachers, in which the nerves at the end and you’re just freaking mostly this is a school program
  • I asked at the Lyceum little, but not enough lessons to a maximum of 2

hours to do can, and mostly 1-1.5 you properly allocate your time, you quickly learned to example, on the if you sit on the computer and the Board for 5 hours, then of course you can’t do anything!I have all the #41104·14-08-2017 at 11:38МСК·ip address recorded· up ↑· write an opinion I’m studying in grade 5 and turn 6 in the fifth grade I studied in the first shift asked something like this: Russian number 76, 88, 66, 98 math 143,145,146,167 and add the task history π145, 100, 147 pages each with 4, biology p. 99 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, literature page 100-138 or poems or read and in the 6th grade much more and because of this I constantly have a headache chadili to the doctor to check he is not what is not said prescribed pills but they don’t help with 4 to 5 headache 6 and in grade 2 change no idea how to continue studying especially the CDF will be in w the relevance of the topic #40404·17-05-2017 at 21:40МСК·ip address recorded· up ↑· write opinion

But what is not have 9 lessons From . Georgia Moore.

come home in 4-5 do the dz at 7 and finish at 10-12 a.m.

the relevance of the

topic #40020·24-04-2017 at 19:00MSK·ip address recorded· up ↑· write opinion I’m in 7th was spring break in literature, our teacher told us – read for the holidays, when we arrived we were told – go stavite – I mean? !She tells us well, I told you verse zadoval and just forgot to tell us the DMZ, but parolele she forgot) told Us teachers and stavite this 3 pages) Then this week she asked us to teach on 1 page for 2 then another any about the war (at least 1 in addition to verse us so very much to constantly worried about I’m just physically and mentally not have I go to extra e of all this, I stress constantly shaking hands, a nervous TIC I’m running out of sleep, often have a headache (I should Probably go to the teachers (not all of course) have expressed that we are out there that do not teach that we are sick constantly, etc. Just all trying to cram everything in you, with all the well, it is impossible to know I’m not right of course not for me to decide.

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