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Heritage Center

Heritage Center

The AGBU Hye Geen established the first Armenian Women’s Heritage Center in the world in 1996, at the AGBU Alex Manoogian Complex in Pasadena, California.

The mission of the Heritage Center is to preserve the Armenian culture by responsibly collecting and organizing objects that represent the Armenian people, specifically the Armenian women. For centuries, Armenians have amassed wealth through objects and valuables only to be forced to leave them behind. During the 1915 Armenian Genocide, the Young Turks stole millions and valuables from Armenian families. Moreover, the mass migration of Armenians in the Middle East and in Armenia due to civil wars and/or economic and social unrest have triggered many Armenians to immigrate to new countries, thus leaving behind family treasures and objects of importance.

The AGBU Hye Geen is committed to securing the accomplishments of Armenian families – especially of the Armenian women – by collecting, preserving and displaying the cultural objects, which convey the life of the Armenian woman. Objects include the following: literary books, arts, dresses, purses, costume jewelry, music, artifacts, embroidery, costumes, crafts, memorabilia (especially photos), personal biographies, letters, tapes, DVDs, family films, interviews with accomplished famous women. The concept is if today’s Armenian woman wants to show case her family memorabilia with the public, the AGBU Hye Geen would like to be the choice for the display.

The AGBU Hye Geen will open the permanent exhibit in the Winter 2014 for the public to view.

If you have any objects that you would like to donate, please contact the AGBU Alex Manoogian Complex in Pasadena at 626.794.7942. The organization will ensure that your donated item is safe, and display your name along with the date.