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Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 23 2019 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Performing Arts Center (Pasadena, CA)
Thanksgiving Luncheon and Feast : Let’s Gather Together

Previous Events

Previous Events

Saturday, August 17 2019 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Performing Arts Center (Pasadena, CA)
Summer Luncheon : Let’s Blow Away The Blues
Saturday, August 18, 2018 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Performing Arts Center (Pasadena, CA)
Summer Luncheon : Sexual Harassment – Understand, Prevent, Respond
Saturday, August 19, 2017 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center (Pasadena, CA)
LECTURE: Amote = Is it a Shame or a right?

Saturday, November 12, 2016 LECTURE: Facing Reality in Armenia
Saturday, August 22, 2015 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center (Pasadena, CA) LECTURE: Globalization and Challenges to Armenian Women

Saturday, May 19, 2015 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center (Pasadena, CA) LECTURE: A Century of Hope: The Struggle for Human Rights in the Middle East with Sarah Leah Whitson

Saturday, July 26, 2014 @ AGBU Vatche & Tamar Manoukian Center (Pasadena, CA) LECTURE: Of Sons and Daughters

AGBU HYE GEEN Celebrating 20th Year Anniversary Thursday June 20, 2013 AGBU Hye Geen 20th Anniversary Presentations of Bariuyr Sevag poetry, music and art exhibit by Simon Simonian. St. Leon Armenian Cathedral Glen-oaks Boulevard Burbank, California
Turkey and the Memory of the Armenians November 10, 2012 Hye Geen Presents “Turkey and the Memory of the Armenians”


AGBU Hye Geen routinely holds lectures and symposiums at the AGBU Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Center in Pasadena, California.  The events are open to the public and are designed to widen the community’s scope and understanding of ongoing problems and issues in the Armenia diaspora.  Topics are presented in both Armenian and/or English.


July 26, 2014

Of Sons and Daughters

AGBU Hye Geen took the initiative to organize a public debate about a crucial issue affecting Armenians. A marked preference for sons has led to an increase of selective abortions, resulting in a serious imbalance of the sexes. Beside its demographic impact, the practice will ultimately affect the ethnic uniformity of the Armenian homeland. With the decrease of the eligible girls, foreign brides will be in demand, creating assimilation problems and adding to the difficulties of marriage.

The program began with the introductory remarks of AGBU Hye Geen member Lucineh Nalbandyan. Next, Talin Yacoubian, Esq., focused on the demographic significance of selective abortions. There after, Shakeh Yegavian, who specializes in cross cultural as well as individual and couples therapy, probed as the prevalence of gender preferences. Finally, Rev. Father Shnork Demirjian, pastor of St. Peter Armenian Church in Van Nuys, discussed the religious and national perspectives of the gender imbalance.

This public debate of critical social significance took place on Saturday July 26, 2014 at the AGBU Center, 2495 East Mountain Street, Pasadena, California, 91104.

Click here to view the photos, flyer and article about selective abortions written in Armenian.


November 2nd, 2013

Fall Event of AGBU Hye Geen

Sona Yacoubian Founder and chairperson of AGBU Hye Geen

I believe that we are at the crossroads of making a serious commitment to preserve our “ARMENIANnes.” With this important issue in mind, on November 2, 2013, AGBU “Hye Geen” organized its fall luncheon at the AGBU Vatch and Tamar Center in Pasadena California, titled “The U.S. Armenia Diaspora Should Replicate Success of the Middle East”

Of course we are referring to the herculean accomplishments of the Armenian Communities in the Middle East who for almost one hundred years kept alive the Armenian spirit and its rich heritage. Yet today, our cultural centers in the Middle East are in dire straits. Cairo has lost its luster, Aleppo is devastated by war and Beirut is in decline. Cities which had once been the hub of leadership in politics, arts and literature are now fighting to survive…

Click here to read more


November 2nd, 2013

The U.S. Armenia Diaspora Should Replicate Success of the Middle East

AGBU Hye Geen AGBU Hye Geen will launch another landmark event in the series celebrating its 20th anniversary. As a mark of its national commitment, AGBU Hye Geen will present the challenging issue of the changing Armenian diaspora and whether the U.S. Armenian diaspora can replicate the success of the Middle East. The event will take place on November 2nd 2013 at AGBU Pasadena Center (2495 East Mountain St.) at 11:00 a.m.

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