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Mood: nays Votes: 1 I am Often asked is “And you enter into a contract to write a thesis (course) work? ” That is, will you give us a contract? My answer — “whatever!” Yes, the contract — it sounds good. Sounds loud, so strictly, serious sounds. In each of the Minsk office of the abstracts, diploma and course you will say — “a Contract, Yes the contract that we have — Holy!” And then… and then soup with a cat.

The point is not that you will not be read. In small print there is written that they will never meet, no rework and no refund. It can be hidden between the lines, may be attached to the contract, could be anywhere. And may not be.

You just about it then say when the time comes. And this moment will come. Just for example, because many of the Minsk universities the course return all due to the fact that the re-sit is paid. And the University needs the money.

And you need something in the work to redo it. And there are even a thesis. There alterations are critical. They need to do, otherwise kirdyk will not accept.

And not just to do thread, anyhow, and thoughtfully to each activity. Because the thesis , anyway, it’s not garbage, it’s a pretty serious thing. So, you have come to a serious firm that makes the diplomas (diploma, course, control), they have an office in prestigious business center, in the city center, appliances, all clean, cool, all grown-up. You signed a contract that on this topic you agree to do a thesis.

To a certain deadline. Well, a lot of other letters. Paid the money. Suitable period of time.

Work done (this is a plus, because it may not be ready). Work checked by the teacher the next day returns it to you with a note — “to REDO ALL FULLY”. You with this note, call or come in to the office, and then you say, “Well yeah, that’s all great, but the author, who did your work urgently went to her aunt’s house in Zimbabwe, and before leaving, he gave you words, that if a teacher pokercast work, he does not agree and as the author responsibly declares that the remake will be nothing.” And that’s all.

Here’s the contract, here there read that, Yes, we remake the work, but only if the author agrees that he offered to redo it. In short, arrived. Day after tomorrow you need a new diploma. And the thing is that now with this contract you will not go to court.

You will not go to court and say: “may it please the court, I was ordered(a) a thesis, and I was thrown. But I have a contract. Can I punish my bullies if not Sochi, then at least the ruble? ” You’re not going to say that. You don’t write the complaint.

You generally only now realized that the contract that you regarded as their main support and protection — in fact complete garbage. Because society still have a strong belief that a thesis you need to write personally, no one’s going to complain that you wrote bad work. These crooks are. Well, in fact: it doesn’t matter whether or not you wrote this work.

You to protect her.

And if there is a head on shoulders, no help, believe me. Their speeches politicians are also not write, so many things who are not doing anything, everything is alive and well. Almost.

It is clear that you are still not going to complain with this gougaram, even if it is composed by all the rules and the truth is on your side. Ashamed type. So simple advice — obrashaites only where you have three or four times without any issues altered diploma or course work, free of charge. It can be may be someone else, but the only way you do my coursework will be able to have some guarantees.

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