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Our Accomplishments

AGBU Hye Geen is very proud of its accomplishments.

AGBU Hye Geen established the first Armenian Women’s Heritage Center in the world (1996) by Armenian women for Armenian women at the AGBU Pasadena Center in California where literature, arts, artifacts, costumes, crafts, letters, photos and memorabilia are collected and preserved.

Looking to the future, AGBU Hye Geen’s second great accomplishment has been the active involvement of the younger generation in our organization by establishing the AGBU Hye Geen Young Circle, which is comprised of young professional women and men.

Routinely, AGBU Hye Geen organizes public educational events designed to widen the community’s scope and understanding of ongoing problems and issues in the Armenian diaspora. This education is delivered through different platforms. The Young Circle, for example, publishes the Hye Geen Magazine as a historical documentation, featuring life in the present era we live in. The Young Circle, since 2006, has organized yearly conferences with the goal of introducing different aspects of Armenian heritage and the professionals who contribute and enrich those values. Thus far, the Young Circle has partnered with three, California State Universities (Los Angeles, Northridge) and Woodbury Universities for these conferences. Since 2011, AGBU Hye Geen has aired a weekly educational program with one rerun on the local TV for the Armenian immigrants who have difficulty in understanding the necessary guidelines that the new generation requires as well as programs on current issues involving the Armenian community.

Finally, Hye Geen boats many achievements in Armenia providing funding for the first Armenian Women’s Center in Yerevan in 2001. This fruitful accomplishment has been followed by establishment of 5 Pregnant Women Centers in Armenia (in Gyumri, Vanatzor, Talin, Yeghvart and Yerevan) where over 2400 healthy babies have been born since 2002.